our vision

The primary vision of Sai Multistate Credit Cooperative Society limited is to provide quality, Honest, Trusted and committed financial services to its members, in the process become the high tech leading cooperative in India. To serve the members by fostering a strong economy and providing financial stability with talented and innovative brains working tirelessly behind it. Offering equal opportunity to all groups of people to live and improved life by financial enablement and empowerment.

To become the leading bank, playing an important role in the co-operative movement and providing relevant and innovative financial services to our members / customers for the optimum benefit of all our shareholders.

To become strong, viable cooperative organization which is sustainable and responsive to the socio-economic needs of its members with financial independence, providing competitive products and services, guided by responsible, honest and entrepreneurial cooperative values.

To take the cooperative movement to the rural, urban and downtrodden people and bring in a financial stability and be a part of the development vision of India.


The mission of Sai Multistate Credit Cooperative society limited is to provide our shareholders long term attractive financial growth and returns for their investments. Promotion and sustenance of economic interest and providing easy finance, cost effective and quality banking services to Members with special emphasis on the co-operative movement.

To provide some services like insurance, e-stamping, Money Transfers, all kinds of bill payment etc. through the latest advanced technologies. Eradication of unemployment in rural and urban India by providing them with proper trainings and seminars for starting their own income generating business.

To encourage self help groups.

To promote, coordinate, and expand economic opportunity for members through a growing network. It envisions transforming cooperatives into safe and sound financial institutions that would cater quality services and safeguard members' money. Sai Multistate Credit Cooperative society limited is foreseen to be dynamic, democratic, member-owned and socially responsible with a primary purpose of providing high-quality and fairly priced financial services.

The mission of Sai Multistate Credit Cooperative society limited is social and economic betterment of its members. As well as secure interests and objects of the society and member both. Sai Multistate Credit Cooperative society limited is a social enterprise formed by the members, of the members, for the members.