Founder and Chairman Message

Sai Multistate Credit Cooperative Society Limited, motto is to help the members in meeting their short term and long term financial goals. The collective effort of the Society is to be instrumental in raising the standard of living of its members.

The Societies main slogan being By The Members, Of the Members and For the members. The Society will contribute towards the growth of the members and in turn be a channel for the financial and developed nation. The Society recognizes its role and identifies and implements various social responsible projects from time to time.

It is because of the contributions from its members and its employees that Sai Multistate Credit Cooperative Society Limited is carving a niche for itself in the country in a short period of time. In the coming years, it would be the endeavor of the Society to increase its footprints in other states of the country. This would be achieved by bringing more members under its fold.

The Society will provide its members with tools of advancement and continuous progress. And while it does so, it will continue to abide by the Cooperative principles enshrined in the Multi State Cooperative Society Act 2002.

Sai Multistate Credit Cooperative Society Limited is a progressive organization dedicated to the global growth opportunities. With lot of experience in financial business, we are experts in forging partnerships to improve performance, reduce costs, and build strong, innovative cooperative business. As a Society, we strive to attain success in ways that reflect the integrity of the people, employees and business partners. Our success is a direct result of our focus on people and their careers.

We continue to seek new opportunities for growth across geographies with a continued focus on entrepreneurial management. We maintain high standards of performance and accountability.

The effort of the society is to serve our valued members to their complete satisfaction through efficient management and excellent staff, which we continue to maintain with our untiring efforts. "Innovation and development is not only creating something new, but redefining the existing things also in a modern way."

Sai Multistate Credit Cooperative Society Limited was formed with the main objective of constituting a 'Single Window' agency to assist the vulnerable rural folks and to empower the poor and marginal farmers.

Apart from its role as a provider of credit, the Society is placed in a situation where it could play both proactive and supportive role to make life of small farmers more stable.

Sai Multistate Credit Cooperative Society Limited will ensure to develop an ethical and an authentic relationship with them.

I invite you to explore this opportunity as a gateway into the cooperative business. The relationship once created, will continue forever. We put all our efforts to see the end user is satisfied with all our services.

Once again I extend my cordial & warm welcome to all of you on behalf of Sai Multistate Credit Cooperative Society Limited.

Sincerely your's


Sai Multistate Credit Cooperative Society Limited